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AusReign is a growing community of casual gamers who enjoy hanging out and playing an extensive range of games together.

We currently run our own servers for ARK, Conan Exiles, CS: Source (yes, Source), Double Action: Boogaloo, Killing Floor 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Reign of Kings, Rust, and are about to embark on new adventures with the addition of servers for 7 Days To Die, Minecraft, and more.
If you're after more people to play with, or would like to get involved with a growing gaming community, get in touch with us here. To join AusReign, please click here. All are welcome.

Latest News

January 31, 2020

AusReign Update!

​For those of you who may not be aware, AusReign has some of the following stats:
- Operating since April 2016
- First server: Reign of Kings
- Currently has servers for: ARK, Conan Exiles, CS: Source, Double Action: Boogaloo, Heat, Killing Floor 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Reign of Kings, Rust.

- Has a Minecraft server in development.

Every dollar that the AusReign community contributes goes directly to the ongoing running costs of the AusReign website, our game servers and TeamSpeak.
We rely on player and staff support and are so grateful for the contributions and donations that our members and friends have made in the past. Thank you for that, we honestly wouldn’t have been able to keep servers running without your help.
In order to maintain what we have, and to be able to grow, we have decided to try a paid kit for Reign of Kings. Details can be found in-game, in our Steam group, and will be added to the Reign of Kings section of the website soon. We've just wiped the server, changed the rules quite a bit, and added a whitelist to keep the hackers out. If you'd like to be added to the whitelist, send us a link to your Steam profile.

By the way, Discord coming soon!
We know, we know… and it is being built as we speak. An AusReign Discord will soon be here for our members to keep in touch. Keep an eye out for the launch, sign up and check out our game giveaway.
We welcome any feedback about changes to our servers. While we set up Discord, feel free to provide any of your ideas to the Steam group chat or discussion.

To find out what's happening and when, click on the servers button above and navigate to the relevant game. As requested, I've added a Paypal donation button to the servers page for those who would like to contribute to the cost of keeping our community up and running. Sincere thanks to those who have donated already.

Finally, the Steam community group is continuing to grow and currently has over 840 members. Click here to join us. Thanks and welcome to all those who have already joined.

- Chienne (Toot)

'We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.' (Andrew Ryan, Bioshock, 2007)

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Our Team


Fan of indie games and first-person shooters. Owner, founder and inflictor of the AusReign vision. Cares enormously for the community and  enjoys working on new projects to see it grow into something unique. When AFK, is a professional musician and educator, about to begin a PhD. Has developed a theory-of-everything based solely on the origins of The Incredible Hulk.


The ultimate stoic admin, tactfully diplomatic but happy to play the bad cop. Enjoys surviving and strategising in games and appreciates the absurdity in all things. Sings the worst songs when you least want to hear them. Will kill for his coffee fix.


A classy but sassy, badass nerd able to barrel roll, flat spin and j-turn in PUBG without killing a single squadmate. Often found flying around in a hay outfit, brandishing a whip and accosting players in Reign of Kings. Too interested in tap dancing to be taken seriously.


Enjoys all types of games and owns a growing collection of retro games, memorabilia and collectibles. Has a passion for computer science and is pro at building PCs. Maker of amazing video montages and assorted media. Creative genius behind the best in-game insults you'll ever hear (that aren't actually insulting).



Pro gamer in training with Counter-Strike skills that mine salt from his opposition. A Source engine specialist who makes awesome original maps for our Source engine games. Is an FPS and MMO afficionado whose hobbies include Russian accents, hoodies, and Rocksmith.

AusReign's game stack banner.
AusReign's game stack banner.
AusReign lightning
AusReign lightning


For those who wish to support our community by donating, please click on the button above. All donations go towards the cost of our servers and are greatly appreciated.

If you do not wish to appear on our list of recent donators, please add a note to the 'special instructions to recipient' section during the payment process.

Thank you to all those who have donated, your support ensures the continued growth of our community.