1. No griefing/abuse of other players or staff. Staff reserve the right to determine
 whether the extent of harassment constitutes griefing.
2. Comments of a sexual, abusive, or racist nature in chat will not be tolerated.
3. No offensive, sexual, or racist character/guild/realm names, signs or billboards.
4. Guilds must have no more than 8 members.
5. Using cheats, hacks, exploits or glitch-raiding will get you permanently banned.
6. No combat logging or logging to avoid fall damage.

Type /rules in game to view.
1. PvP is allowed on King's Island, the surrounding waters and Tax Tree area at
 all times.
2. PvP may also occur with sufficient role-play to support it, for example,
 demanding trespassers leave your claim.
 - Demands must not be unreasonable or overly time-consuming for players to
 comply with.
 - Use text chat initially to ensure other players understand the situation.
 - After stating your intent in text chat you may continue using voice instead.
 - Give players enough time to respond to your demands.
3. No killing on sight (KoS) unless participating in an event that allows it.
4. The King/Queen can be KoS if the tax is set to 5% or higher.
5. Sleepers are protected for 10 minutes after server restart.
6. No roping on sight (RoS) of players, unless they have left their sleeper outside
 in the open.
1. Robbing players is only allowed when the stars are out.
2. Robbing must occur with sufficient RP.
3. You must declare your intent to rob in text chat so your victim understands
 what is happening.
4. After stating your intent in text chat you may continue using voice instead.
5. If your victim runs before you have robbed them, try to disable them, killing
 should be a last resort but is allowed.
6. You may defend yourself with force if you are robbed, roped, or attacked first.
1. Blocks placed on King's Island will be destroyed.
2. Do not build around or block access to resource nodes.
3. All bases must be realistically accessible and have a door to each room.
 Doors must not be blocked. Stairs placed for access must not be removed.
4. If your crest runs out of fuel, your crest and base may be removed or offered to
 another player.
5. If you have not added totems to your crest, it is vulnerable and can be

1. Raiding is allowed at all times (see below for siege times).
2. All raids must be declared in text chat prior to raiding.

 - Do not touch another player's base unless you are going to raid it and have

 - Be sure to declare raid (not war).
 - You must state the name of the guild you are raiding.
 - You must warn players in global chat if you are firing hay shots.
3. If players from more than one guild are raiding, an alliance must be formed

 prior to the raid, and all guilds must declare.
4. If players being raided are online:
 - Players being raided may defend in whatever manner they wish.
 - Players raiding may then retaliate in whatever manner they wish.
5. Players raiding must state in text chat when a raid ends. KoS rules are

6. Raid at your own risk as allies may come to defend.
7. Raiding guilds/allies must not raid the same base again for 3 days.
8. Siege Time is 4pm-11pm AEST. Siege weapons can be used during this time.
9. Trebuchets must not be covered with a roof.

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