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RoK snake!
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1. No griefing/abuse of other players or staff. Staff reserve the right to determine
whether the extent of harassment constitutes griefing.
2. Comments of a sexual, abusive, or racist nature in chat will not be tolerated.
3. No offensive, sexual, or racist character/guild/realm names, signs or billboards.
4. Guilds must have no more than 8 members.
5. Using cheats, hacks, exploits or glitch-raiding will result in a permanent ban.

Type /rules in game to view.
General Behaviour
1. No skybridging.
2. To stop your crest disappearing, add 8 wood for 8 days' protection from decay.

Excess can not be used, so top it up every 8 days.
3. Be sure to add totems to your crest. If you have not added totems to your crest, it is vulnerable and can be destroyed.

1. Raiding is allowed at all times (see below for siege times).
2. Siege Time is 4pm-11pm AEST. Siege weapons can be used during this time.
3. Trebuchets must not be covered with a roof.

Raiding & Sieging

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RoK wyvern banner
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