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The following rules are under ongoing review for further development and improvement. While we will uphold the rules listed below, we may be adding to them and amending them over time. If any rules are added or amended, we will notify players via our forum of the date the changes will become active.

If there are any rules you would like to see added, amended or excluded, please post contact us directly. We welcome all feedback and suggestions from our players.


1. No griefing/abuse of other players or staff. Staff reserve the right to determine whether the extent of harassment constitutes griefing.
2. Comments of a sexual, abusive, or racist nature in chat will not be tolerated.
3. No offensive, sexual, or racist character names, clan names, or signs.
4. Clans must have no more than 8 members.
5. Using cheats, hacks, or exploits will result in a permanent ban.

6. No combat logging.


1. No spamming of materials that prevent others from building.

2. Do not build or place items in unrealistically accessible places, e.g. inside rocks or walls.

3. Do not block NPC spawns or prevent others from accessing them.

4. Do not block access to areas of the map that are intended for all players.



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